Essay on The New Depression

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Hard working Americans everywhere are losing their jobs and I say it’s high time that the land of opportunity should regain its credit. Job loss in America has affected the economy in an extreme way due to the percentage of jobs lost, bills and laws passed to fix the dilemma, conflict with hourly cutbacks to many Americans, and the difficulties of finding a new career. Americans work to the bone every day and then after years of loyal work they are given a piece of paper and shown the door. Where is the decency in this? This economic downfall is making a turn for the worst and if it keeps up America is going to find itself in another great depression. Percentages of job loss are reaching large amounts and large numbers. According to the …show more content…
This bill cost 787 million dollars so in reality it may have helped save a good amount of jobs, but it also created a possible bigger hole in the deficit of the American economy (Heires). Americans are not only losing their jobs, but those who are lucky to even keep theirs are experiencing cuts on their hourly wages and even get reduced benefits. According to one source, twelve percent of American workers have had their wages cut already in the past six months and it will only decrease even further (Newport). Also, nine percent of American workers are experiencing benefit reduction which is a serious issue because then their companies are no longer providing a decent health care system which should be almost guaranteed (Newport). The loss of jobs is affecting more and more people in America to the extent that almost everyone knows someone else who was getting laid off from their job. They also say that, sixty-three percent of Americans know someone who has lost a job which is an extremely high number (Newport). The number of Americans who have been losing their jobs is only increasing and will keep going up until the economy figures out a guaranteed way that workers are allowed jobs that will provide for them and that can be guaranteed keepers. According to one critic around 2.7 million workers will lose their unemployment check before April

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