The Namesake: Book by Jhumpa lahiri Essay

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It’s pretty clear that film and literature are very different mediums and when you try to make one into the other, such as an adaptation, you’re going to have some things that are lost in translation and seen in a different light. When an original work is made into a movie, I think they’re kind of at a disadvantage because they only have a few hours to get the whole story across while also keeping the viewer intrigued by what is taking place on the screen right in front of their eyes. Movies are able to contain special effects, visuals, and music though which can impact a viewer and make a scene stay in their mind longer which is a plus side to being able to view something. Literature on the other hand, has a greater advantage. They can …show more content…
They’re very different from one another. In the beginning of the film, Ashoke’s train has its accident and then it goes from that straight into his marriage with Ashima plus their process with migration and coming to the States. In the book, it opens with Gogol being born and then there’s a flashback moment where it talks about the accident and Ashoke’s marriage to Ashima. In the book, we hear about Ashoke and the accident and how he was rescued from the site of the wreck fairly early on even though it appears that Gogol doesn’t find out about all of that until much later on in time. I find it interesting though how the movie keeps it quiet to us, the viewers, how Ashoke was rescued from the accident site until the very same time when Gogol is learning about all of that. When you see Ashoke holding his son when he was a baby, he makes a comment about how being rescued from the train accident was the first he’s had occur to him in his life and then Gogol being born is the second. When I was reading throughout the book, I noticed that it gave a lot more details and talked about a lot of smaller things but they didn’t appear any place within the film. The book mentioned Ashoke and Ashima’s first neighbors while living in the States, the Montgomery family. While living next to them, they all shared a single washing machine. Not that it’s a really big deal

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