The Most Outrageous and Gruesome Injures of All Time In Sports Medicine

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The Most Outrageous and Gruesome Injures of All Time In Sports Medicine

Sweat. Blood. Tears. Fruit punch Gatorade. Many people all around the world play sports whether it is Football, Baseball, Tennis, Swimming, Wrestling or Track. People have come together and played sports since the begging of time; the Olympics unites people all over the world. However, once in a while shocking and sometimes fatal injuries can occur. Although sports teams prior to sports medicine have employed team physicians for numerous years, the field of sports medicine did not arise until about the 20th century. The first textbook on the subject of sports medicine was published in 1910 to help athletes avoid fatal injuries. Sports medicine is a branch of medicine
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If a concussion is not fully healed, and there is second bump to the head, a more serious and even fatal outcome can occur, second impact syndrome. Second impact syndrome is caused by a bump or hit, even a light one causes the imbalance of chemical to react almost instantly and cause massive pressure inside of the head. If the victim is not treated in five minutes they can die due to pressure and hemorrhaging in the brain. A particular man by the name of Preston Plevertes is commonly brought up when talking about concussions and second impact syndrome. Preston Plevertes was a captain and MVP on his football team before he returned to play too early and was blindsided by a clean block and was a victim of second impact syndrome. Before his second impact he obtained a previous concussion that was cleared by the nurse too quickly. The first concussion set the brain up for a devastating second blow. He was rushed to a hospital two blocks away, where surgeons removed one-third of his skull to relieve the pressure. “I could have sat out for one game but now I will sit out for the rest of my life.” –Preston Plevertes. He is now the face of concussions. Plevertes spent three months in a medically-induced coma, and seven months in the hospital. He was eventually able to walk and his speech was slowly returning. He started suffering seizures in 2009 and doctors had to disconnect his right frontal lobe from the rest of his brain. Now he can barely speak

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