The Merchant's Ideas of Marriage Essay

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Bill Cosby once said that, “For two people in a marriage to live together day after day is unquestionably the one miracle the Vatican has overlooked.” J.J. Lewis (1995-2009) This famous comedian could not have been more correct when recognizing that every marriage will face a multiple number of challenges and is often difficult. Couples, once married, must find a way to end any struggles in order for the marriage to be successful. Marital traditions have changed greatly over the centuries and due to this, the opinion of what an ‘ideal marriage” consists of has changed as well. When reviewing the document “On Love and Marriage” the author (a Merchant of Paris) believes that marriage should not be an equal partnership, but one that pleases …show more content…
The documents dates back to approximately

1393, (Perry, M, Peden J.R., Von Laue, T.H, 2009) which is the beginning of the Renaissance. In this time period young girls were usually married off at a young age ranging from 12-14 to men about 2-3 times their age. At this age they were deemed socially mature enough to be entered into marriage although this was not the case physically. Presently, the ages of 12-14 would have place the girls in grades 7 to 9, this in present times is unacceptable but marriage was come to be expected at this age during the renaissance. Due to this, there was a great overlap between childhood and becoming an adult, there was no such term as ‘adolescence’. “The central theme of adolescence is finding one’s self” (E.R. Ostrander, L.H. Snyder, 1970, p27) and many had little to no knowledge of what to expect once married. Many girls did not meet their suitor beforehand as well, so this made it very difficult to predict the Condition of married life. Parents attempted to direct their daughters as to what to do but in many cases, it amounted to ‘obeying’ their husbands every need.

Politically conditions also applied to the marriage as well. Women rarely married under their social class as their parents wished to maintain family honor. In doing this they were able to ensure fanatical stability for their daughter. All women also were married off with a dowry that her

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