The Malfunctioning Society Essay

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William Golding’s 1954 novel, Lord of the Flies, explores and analyzes human nature. The novel follows a group of boys stranded on an island without any adult supervision after a plane crash. In the beginning, the boys elect another boy, Ralph, as chief. Ralph is at odds with another boy named Jack, who leads the designated hunters among them. The boys gradually descend from civility to savagery. Jack is leading some boys into violent savagery, leaving Ralph trying to salvage the notion of a functioning civilization. By the end of the novel, Jack leads most of the boys in their savage nature and leaves Ralph in danger. Throughout the novel, Golding brings the themes of the abuse of power, the fear of the unknown, and the need for …show more content…
A last example of abuse power is when Roger takes advantage of the power Jack bestowed upon him and beats Samneric for not guarding Castle Rock very well (191). The power abuse was most apparent among the violent and seemingly power-hungry sociopaths among the boys, but they were simply giving in to their desires. Though the abuse of power was human nature, the boys could have done a better job suppressing their wants. Secondly, Golding introduces the theme of the fear of the unknown in Lord of the Flies. I believe Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he said, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself,” but the unknown overpowers “fear itself” and personally, the unknown scares me much more than fear. Though the fear of the unknown may be irrational, it seems to reside in every human being and the boys were certainly afraid of the unknown. The boys were always frightened by something. Would you be if scared you were stranded on an island you knew nothing about?
Throughout the novel, the boys’ biggest fear on the island was the “beastie.” A “littlun,” a little boy, with a mulberry birthmark covering his face introduces the idea of the beast to the other boys (35). First, the boys dismissed the idea of a beast, but they began to fear anything they heard or saw that appeared to be menacing. The beast manifested itself in

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