The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold Essay

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The character I choose from the novel Lovely Bones is Mr. Harvey. His role in this novel was that he is a serial Killer. What is a serial killer? A serial killer is someone that killed more than three people over a period more than a month. Mr. Harvey killed Susie the main character in this novel. He rapped her, and cut her body up, and packaged it, and drove 8 miles and dumped it in a sinkhole.. Mr. Harvey doesn't really have a family. His dad abandons his mom after the argument that they next to the car in the streets over truth and consequences in Mexico. His mom was desperate that she taught him how to steal and shoplift. We know that his father was an abusive person. He also taught him about buildings. We know that Mr. Harvey’s …show more content…
He never bothers anyone, he is just really independent.

The thing about him is that, after every kill he takes breaks. It is usually a year long breaks. Every night when he dreams about beautiful building they keep his urge to kill people is under control. When he isn’t having nice dreams about beautiful buildreams, he gets out of the house to kill young teenagrs. The reason he dreams about buildings is because when his was around he always tells him about buildings. His dad taught him about everything about buildings, Since his dad worked in the desert building broken shacks of glass and old wood. In chapter 14 we know that he killed a lot more people. The way he goes towards killing is he starts really young and climbs his way up to older women. After every kill he forgets about them. He blocks off everyone. Now towards the end of the book he remembers them one by one,except for susie.

Mr. Harvey wasn't a druggie. He was a smart person, to me I believe that seeing his parents always getting into arguments’ made him the serial killer he is now. He talks to them in a sweet and kind voice and then kills them. When he raped and killed susie. He took a knife and cut of her hand and her legs and covered her in a body bag and told his friend to throw it away. Why doesn't he get help? The book isn't really clear about that, but to me personally even if a serial killer gets help; it not like he is going to stop killing other pedestrians

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