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The Life of Albert Speer

Albert Speer was born in Mannheim, Germany on the 19 March 1905, he was the son of an architect. He grew up in the town of Heidelberg in his early years, it has been said that his childhood was not one of happiness. Following in his father's footsteps, Speer studied architecture at the Institute of Technology in Berlin-Charlotteburg. He attained his licence in 1927 and became the assistant to Professor Heinrich Tessenow. Speer went on to marry his wife, margarete Webber, without consent from his family, as she was of lower class than him.

Speer's affiliation with the Nazi party did not begin until 1931 when he became a member of the NSDAP (National Socialist German workers Party). Recognising his
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Through finishing this project with such speed and efficiency, he caught the attention of those around him, showing both architectural and organisational skills.

After the death of Fritz Todt, who died in February 1942 in an aircraft accident, Speer was appointed to his position of Minister for armament and war production. Speer was able to raise munition production remarkably, at a time when the allied forces were growing in strength and intensity. Speer however, against the rules of the Geneva Convention used millions of forced labourers and concentration camp prisoners to produce munitions.

Other responsibilities of Speer included, the adoption of Hermann Goering's job as planner of the German war economy and also the adoption of "Organisation Todt", which was an organization using forced labour for the construction of strategic roads and defences, developed by Fritz Todt. He was also largely responsible for the implementation of the policy about the use of forced labour.

In the last few weeks of the war it has been noted that relations between Hitler and Speer worsened. When the allied forces began gaining German territory Speer disobeyed expressed orders for the destruction of industrial plants and other vital resources, which were about to fall to allied hands. Speer also stated that he made plans for Hitler's assassination, however it is unlikely that he would have carried it out.


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