The Legend of Santa Claus Essay

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Christmas Eve every year in my house is one of the craziest days of the year. When I was a kid, my two brothers and I would be bouncing off the walls with excitement and anticipation because we knew who would be stopping by to see us later that evening. For years when I was a small kid, I claimed to have seen Santa Claus one Christmas morning. It wasn’t that I was lying. I truly believed that I had.
The story of Santa Claus is probably one of the most repeated stories in history. Generations of parents have been tucking their children into beds at night telling them to be good because Santa Claus knows when you are naughty and when you are nice. I know personally, this was a huge motivator for me to be good. I always had a long list of
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This occurred more than once, and Nicholas became known for late night gifts and the granting of wishes.
A miracle of his legacy is the story of three young students who were robbed and dismembered on their way home from school and stuffed in a pickle barrel. Nicholas is said to have appeared out of nowhere, and the boys arose at his command, intact.
In 314 A.D., at the Council of Nicea, the Emperor Constantine brought up the question of whether Christ was divine. During the arguments on the subject, Nicholas is reported to have slapped a doubting priest. Once the story of his deeds spread, he became widely known for helping those in trouble: lawyers and their clients, pawnbrokers, and sailors, as he was invoked to calm turbulent seas. And he became the patron saint of children. From his tomb, a viscous myrrh-like material oozed and was used by pilgrims as an ointment, to heal sickness. By 1082, his body was removed from where it was initially interred in Turkey, and moved to Bari, Italy by grave robbing sailors, and a cathedral was built there in his name. For centuries there were more churches in the middle-ages named after him than all the apostles, and next to Christ and the Virgin Mary, St. Nicholas was the next most popular figure in Christianity.
In a French village during the 12th century, French nuns

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