The Last Will and Testament Essay

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The greatest and wisest of philosophers and historians once knew of a story that is filled with mystery and curiosity. It has been said, that several centuries before present time, a community flourished in what is now the Philippines. The place was like those that you would see in films that featured the ancient times - festivals full of arts and music, peasants and farmers working with utmost passion, denizens swaying to beats with drunken revelries. Innovation and progress developed in the land without bound. Though the pre-colonial Philippines lived in the most simple of ways, it was a community of unlimited potential. The other merchants and communities several seas away heard of the the unparalleled glory of this mighty land and even …show more content…
Since history begs to be written from a relatively distant future, the same historical facts and truths in the hands of various scholars and historians who have no direct association to a specific period of history would still have different interpretations and conclusions. Readers sometimes receive distorted facts or questionable truths; how much more if students are using their textbooks which are merely secondary sources, or worse, tertiary sources. The job of a historian - to recreate and reconstruct the past - inevitably requires them to give the verdict or judgement to the different events in history, but are encouraged to be as impartial as possible. Having been given the knowledge on how history written and how to write history, we ask questions and our initial ideas start to vary and differ. And as we find out more about the past, we question some parts of history, and ask questions that are left unanswered by the historical facts available. Before discussing this module, I never knew of the historical basis for the “acceptance” of the wave of migration theory, the little but mighty stories of unsung heroes who fought for our

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