Essay about The Iroquois League and Longhouses

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The Iroquois, also known as the Iroquois League was originally comprised of five nations including the Mohawk, Seneca, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Oneida nations (Richter 1983). As a whole they originated in the Hamilton-Niagara region of southwestern Ontario and adjacent New York (Noble 1984), however, they did not start of as a League. This paper will explore the borders of the Iroquois territoriality including the range they covered and their home area, as well as how the territory is utilized to make a living and also how it is defended. As stated before the Iroquois League habituated the Hamilton-Niagara region of the southwest Ontario and adjacent New York (Noble 1984). These areas are known for having many lakes, rivers, thick and …show more content…
As far as religious practices are concerned, the Iroquois were mostly spiritual. Before Europeans inhabited North America, a man was born to the Iroquois who described a tree whose roots were the five Iroquois nations that make up the Iroquois League. The tree was so tall it pierced the sky and there an eagle sat on top, watching to make sure the nations remained united (Bonvillain 1980). It wasn’t until several years later that some Iroquois started embracing Protestantism due to the many decades of colonialism and chaos (Mandell 2013). By embracing Protestantism, the Iroquois League, “helped hold the multiethnic villages together and maintained many customs and modes of spirituality” (Mandell 2013). Due to a horticultural based society, many of the Iroquois lived in homes now referred to as long houses made up of post and poles and then covered with sheets of bark. These longhouses were made to hold, not just one family, but also a large extended family, which is why longhouses usually stretched about 92 meters, or the length of a football field (Bonvillain 1980). The Iroquois could build such big, laborious homes because horticulture did not require much movement on their part. Hunting was minimal and could be completed in the surrounding territory. The five, later six, groups making up the Iroquois League defined territory by using natural landmarks such as rivers, valleys, lakes, and hills (Richter 1983). The Mohawk tribe used the Mohawk valley and river to

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