The Intricate Mind of Sigmund Freud Essays

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The Intricate Mind of Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud was a complex man that was a genius in his field. Sigmund Freud's studies, theories and techniques have had more impact on the world of psychology than any other single person in history and is widely recognized as one of it's founding fathers. His explorations into the use of hypnosis, studies of hysteria and the catharsis system were groundbreaking work in the world of psychoanalysis. His techniques of diagnosis are still in use today. Freud introduced many new and controversial theories into the world of medicine such as the phases of the super ego and the psychological impact of child development.
Sigmund Freud was born on May 6, 1856 in Moravia, which is known today as
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During his first years of practice he relied on hypnotism and electrotherapy. Freud eventually ran into a wall. He realized not everyone was able to reach a hypnotic state and even if they did results were often temporary or short-lived.
In 1889 Freud teamed up with Josef Breuer, who was working with a patient referred to as Anna O. Breuer discovered that her frustrations were bottled up. Also, referred to as the strangulated affect. The patient could not vent her frustration because the situation she was trapped in rendered this impossible. Breuer would hypnotize her and encouraged her to express her frustrations through abreaction. This method proved successful and freed her from her repressed thoughts. In 1883 Freud and Breuer wrote "Studies on Hysteria". This book was based on their research of Anna O. and their works on psychoanalysis. This period is often said to be the formal beginning of psychoanalysis.
In 1897 Freud took on the task of his own self-analysis. During this time he kept close contact with Wilhelm Fliess, who was working in Berlin. Freud would pass-on his interpretations of his findings to Fliess to review. His analysis would carry-on for two years before he diagnosed himself as suffering from

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