The Importance of Act Two Scene Two in William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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The Importance of Act Two Scene Two in William Shakespeare's Macbeth

Having killed Duncan, Macbeth is standing in his courtyard with Lady Macbeth. He is in as state of shock at the heinous crime he has just committed. In the era which Macbeth was set in, loyalty to your King, guests and kinsmen is very important. He proved to be disloyal in all three relations. Lady Macbeth tries to console him as his shock turns to hysteria; she firsts praises him and when that fails she taunts and insults him. Macbeth ignores her and continues to be lost in the thought of his deed.

In lines 47 and 48 Lady Macbeth praises Macbeth for being a "worthy Thane" and having "noble strength". She does this in hope to
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However, her refuses to "look on't again". In Macbeth's speech the crime is never mentioned by its name; this could be a result of his guilt. He is also afraid to look at what he has done; we can say this because he openly admits to his wife; "I am afraid to think what I have done". It is apparent that Macbeth is overwhelmed with guilt and depression. This speech (lines 53-54) for Macbeth should be spoken with a tremble. He should be able to reveal his guilt and regret with this tone. By using a tremble in his voice it should appear to the audience that Macbeth is facing up to the reality of the deed with a struggle.

It is here that Lady Macbeth accuses Macbeth of being a coward; calling him "infirm of purpose". She then taunts him by saying he has "the eye of childhood". She compares the dead to the "sleeping" and to "pictures" because they are both unaware of ones presence. In line 59 Lady Macbeth makes a nervous joke, saying she will "gild the faces of the grooms… for it must seem their guilt". The reason behind this comment maybe because she is trying to hide her agitation or uneasiness. She then leaves to place the daggers by the "sleepy grooms".

In line 60-66 there is a knocking at the gate. This a significant event in the scene especially for the audience . It creates a tense atmosphere because there is a risk of

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