Essay on The Importance of Academic Writing

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Writing is a unique way of using language. It is an effective, interpersonal way of communication presented through signs and symbols. George Orwell said that ˝ Good writing is like a windowpane˝. Due to the actuality that most students are asses based on the academic writing papers they produce and that is the case for both college and university, there is no need to emphasise the importance if this kind of writing.

English language departments played great role in teaching writing, and in developing a general idea of what is to be considered as good writing. Whilst this make sense, because who is more competent to pass the knowledge required for good-quality writing but the ones who specialized and dedicated their careers to the
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One has to pay attention to sentence structure, to avoiding abbreviations, shorter forms and of course omit slang entirely. It is also necessary to write with clarity and try to maintain an impersonal and dispassionate tone throughout the entire paper. Irvin( 2010 )

Secondly, according to the Ritter (2002) if you want to be good at academic writing, you ought to spend time organising the paper you are working on. So, having a clear structure is a good place to start. Your piece of writing should be divided into paragraphs and in cases when it is required, it should also include subtitles, or even sub-paragraphs. Paragraphs are formed when related statements that are developing a certain subject are grouped together. Usually, first sentence of each paragraph introduces and idea and the rest of it serve the purpose in supporting the idea that is being presented.

The academic writing is a crucial in assessing students. But it does not mean that there are no differences whether you are writing a paper for a social science class, humanities or a science. In spite all that is said mentioned above works for every, or at least most of the writing assignments you will be asked to write during your college years.

Irvin( 2010 ) advocates that for the academic writing is very important ask question like: Who is my audience? And who is the target group I am addressing to? Also, every good research paper must contain a central principle that can

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