The Impatient Western Fast-Paced Culture Essay

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Tea. How many of us have ever enjoyed a tea in our lives? Many of us, right? Well, drinking tea is world known, especially to the Japanese. In the late twelfth century, during the Kamakura period, Matcha, also known as "finely powdered tea" was introduced to Japan from China (Sayre 302). During this period, tea wasn't just prepared the way most of us prepare it. It was prepared carefully and delicately, especially in Zen temples. The delicate tea making ritual continues today and it is generally performed by a master for his/her guest in a comfortable and relaxed setting. For the Japanese, drinking tea is more than just drinking tea, it is "a spiritual experience that embodies harmony, respect, purity and tranquility" (“The Japanese Tea …show more content…
With all the technological advances we have had, we are able to get anything we want in a matter of minutes. For example, in previous years, if we wanted to know what elephants eat, we would have to drag ourselves to a library and read a book on elephants. Now, there is no need for that. We can simply pull out our smartphones, Google it, and within seconds we know exactly what elephants eat. It's as simple as that. Practices like these, and other Zen-inspired rituals, such as heavy meditating, are not something people in this side of the world would agree to doing because they simply take too much time away from our busy lives. People may argue that these long and tedious practices can become an influence to our generation and culture in having patience and focusing all of our energy into one thing. True, maybe it could happen. However, will our fast-paced culture even be willing to accept them and try those time consuming rituals out? I do not think so. In a study done by Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, thirsty people were brought to a lab where they were offered drinks. They were given the option of having a small amount of juice or water right then and there, or waiting a certain time interval to receive more options of beverages and a larger amount. The results were most people chose the small immediate drink rather than waiting for the larger one. What does this tell us? We would rather not wait and receive less than wait and receive more. Another

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