The Impact of the Healthcare Delivery System in the United States

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In today’s healthcare system, there are many characteristics and forces that make up the complex structure. Health care delivery is a complex system that involves many people that navigate it with hopes of a better outcome to the residents of the United States. Many factors affect the system starting from global influences, social values and culture. Further factors include economic conditions, physical environment, technology development, economic conditions, political climate and population characteristics. Furthermore the main characteristics of the Unites States healthcare system includes: no agency governs the whole system, access to healthcare is restricted based on the coverage and third party agencies exist. Unfortunately many …show more content…
(Shi & Singh, 2012). For example, in a hospital inpatient setting, if poor quality of care is delivered, than a poor health outcome will result. A patient who is discharged home from the hospital with unclear instructions is at risk for having a re-admission which can result in the hospital not being paid for that visit. Insurance companies are now rewarding hospitals for good quality care to their patients; therefore quality must be achievable. A second characteristic of the U.S healthcare delivery system is the multiple payers that make the structure difficult to handle. The complexity of the system makes it difficult for providers and patients to keep track of benefits. According to Shugarman &Whitenhill (2011), one of the goals in the Affordable Care Act 2010 is to have a local healthcare organization in each area that consists of a multidisciplinary team to improve the quality of care while maintaining lower costs. A local healthcare organization in charge of a specific population will ensure provider accountability and patient treatment adherence which can result in lower medical costs and better outcomes.
External Forces Affecting Health Care Delivery Global influences have many impacts on the healthcare delivery system within the United States. Negatives implications can result from the promotion of alcohol trade which can lead to chronic diseases due to over consumption. (Missoni, 2013). Another

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