The Impact of Illegal Drug Use Essay

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The future of the world rests upon teenagers who are coincidently using illegal narcotics, which contain harmful psychological and physical side effects. Young adults do not deal with their problems in a healthy way; instead they turn to drugs as an easy outlet. Drug addictions result in negative surroundings, hurting their loved ones and the people who care the most about them. Narcotics can majorly affect the brain and dull the senses, decreasing mobility, and the psychological well-being.
Drug users are an everyday epidemic; people are no longer affected by the repetitive reports of death by overdose (Leinwand). In fact, it is expected, the numbers of these victims increase rapidly in such a magnitude that causes people to eventually
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Pot also negatively influences the blood flow. Behind the prefrontal cortex is the cerebral cortex, which helps route messages in the brain, sending signals to the limbs in order to function correctly (Library-Drugs). This vital function is fogged by the chemicals in pot, which gives the user dulled senses and poor judgment (Test Your Brain). The part of the brain that is impacted the most by smoking pot is the Limbic System (Drugs In America). This is the emotional center of the brain that controls how a person handles their feelings. The Hypothalamus helps with blood pressure, heart rate, metabolism, appetite and body temperature. This part of the brain is risked by the Tetrahydrocannabinol (the active ingredient) in marijuana and attaches to the cannabinoid receptors causing the body to react with a spiked blood pressure, speed in metabolism and raging hormones (The Science). Difficult family situations often influence teens to search for other means of comfort and contentment (The Science). For example, when a family goes through a divorce, the child suffers the most because they feel their family has been torn apart. There are also the types of families who are desperately in need of separation due to their lack of function, whether it be sexual abuse i.e. rape or physical and emotional abuse. Psychological abuse can occur from a loved one being abused in some way, i.e. to have to be put in the position

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