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Because of the under development of science, Ancient Greeks used mythologies and associated to the gods anything that they could not explain or understand, which also have revealed many aspects of their culture and society, including their views toward gods. Through the survived works of ancient Greeks, one can see that the concept of exchange plays a center role in the relationship between human beings and gods; and that the ancient Greeks had absolutely and undeniably respect for their gods, who are human-like and demand to be glorified. To begin with, the ancient Greeks explained the creation of the universe, in particular the Earth and its elements, by a system of anthropomorphism in which their gods are human-like and are …show more content…
Thus all of her children, except Chloris, are killed by Apollo and Artemis while she herself turns into a rock. Niobe’s husband, Amphion, is also killed by Apollo because of his intention to destroy Apollo’s temple (Hyginus, pp.219). This example suggests that the ancient Greeks believed whoever dares to challenge the gods will be horrendously punished. As can be seen here, the deities seem to be very cruel to human and the ancient Greeks had some kind of fears of their gods. One possible explanation for this is that since the gods represent the nature elements which are ultimately powerful, they are unpredictable as the nature. Probably there were some kinds of disasters during the time these mythologies were created so that people have a fear in the gods and the deities appear to be cruel in these stories. The absolute respect for gods of the ancient Greeks is also shown especially through their tragic plays, which suggest that the gods want people to glorify them and people should maintain good relationships with the gods. In these plays, their gods are selfish and that their actions are driven by emotions such as favoritism and jealousy. In Euripides’s Hippolytus, Hippolytus, a son of Thebes – the king of Athens, refuses to worship Aphrodite and honors Artemis instead. This makes Aphrodite angry that she decides to punish him (Euripides, pp.94). Aphrodite makes

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