Essay on The Highlights of My Teaching Pedagogy

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The Highlights of My Teaching Pedagogy

Through my own experiences, and as enforced by others' opinions in the profession, I have found that teaching is one of the most rewarding careers. Not only are you placed in the position of instructing and guiding children and young adults through the life long learning process, but you are able to give back to the schools and communities which have supported your early education and experiences that opened you up to a bright future. In becoming an educator, I hope to someday share the knowledge and lend the helping, supportive hand that I was once given, allowing students to formulate their own perspectives of the multicultural society and world around them. Teaching is a career
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Several weeks ago, as I was sitting through my two English classes, I drifted off into my own little world to think about my praxis, or teaching philosophy. By telling you this alone, it may make you wonder why I was drifting off in the first place. Was the lecture not stimulating enough? Was the teacher not actively facilitating class enough to keep the students' interest in learning? Was the material appropriate in order to get the students interested? I could probably keep going with questions along those lines. But in response to those questions, the answers are 'no.' The teachers for both of my English classes basically sat in the front of the classroom and offered the students their scholarly views and interpretations of the reading material. The one teacher would ask students about the plot of the book. "So, he went to the store, and then what happened to the main character?" Those were the types of questions. They weren't thought provoking, didn't spark any intellectual enlightenment, nor did they allow the students to analyze any part of the work itself. Uninterested in the level of discussion, my mind wandered and I lost complete interest. I looked around the room and found that many others, like me, wanted to avoid the monotonous and tedious questioning about the

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