The Heritage Foundation Essay

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The Heritage Foundation March 13, 2014 The Heritage Foundation is a conservative research organization whose main purpose is to influence conservative public policies that are based on personal freedoms, limited government intervention, free enterprise and promotion of basic American values. Heritage Foundation is an influential organization that has promoted policies within the United States for many years. The foundation is funded through direct mail fundraising from donors. Much private and public cooperation have funded the organizations course for many years. Presidents of the United States have worked with the organization so as to promote their …show more content…
The publication was held on February 20th, 2014 by Federal Information & News Dispatch Inc. The article quotes that “The government of Venezuela should give people more opportunities for having personal freedoms” it was basically concerning public administration. The article discusses on the liberation of Venezuela through promotion of democratic ideals. It is reported that more than 20 articles and transcripts have used information from the Heritage Foundation. In most cases the articles and journals are conservative and advocate for economic, political and social welfare of the people of the United States of America. In most of the cases, the articles from the Heritage Foundation tend to support conservative policies within the United States. This helps to promote the understanding of the people in regard to the policies at hand. One of the policies that were mainly supported by the government was the limited government influence in economic welfare. Clinton’s administration adopted this as a measure of privatization of most of the corporations then improving public performance. The policy of limited government was adopted from a publication known as the Mandate for Leadership by Heritage Foundation. Most of the republican presidential candidates use policies from the Heritage Foundation so as to promote the functioning and performance of the government. Clinton’s administration borrowed its healthcare plan from the

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