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The Film Braveheart The film "Braveheart" directing and staring Mel Gibson, a film portraying the actions of William Wallace during the 13th century. But is the tale an authentic representation of the historical events that took place.

The story was originally written by Randell Wallace descendant of the main character William Wallace and was eventually turned into the blockbuster film "Braveheart" by icon studios. The film was called "bloody, violent and thrilling" by Barry Norman (respected film critic) as it is essentially a film about one mans obsession to obtain freedom by force. The story has a
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Much of Wallace's early life in the film was purely for story telling purposes though there was some truth. After the death of Wallace's farther his uncle "Argyle" looked after him. Wallace studied to become a priest with one of his uncles, as it was usually the case with the third born male into a family as he would get none of the land which his farther owned, it would go to the eldest born son. There he learned to speak Latin and with his other half-blind uncle taught him how to master a blade. A mixture of these two people possibly made up the character known as "Argyle." There was also some truth about Wallace's film love "Murron." She was in fact called "Marion" and due to Wallace being an outlaw she was killed, unlike the film where Wallace became an outlaw after her death and then Wallace ripped apart the English garrison like the film. These basic facts about Wallace's early life, has become the basis to which Gibson modified the early story. Gibson used this chance to build up Wallace's character by making him a likeable hero fighting for a just cause, incorporating in part of a love tail to round off his character and to draw in a wider audience. As without it the story would only appeal to a minority of bloodlust die-hards.

The battle of

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