The Fall of the Roman Empire Essay

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Several factors that contributed to the fall of Rome are the spread of Christianity, military decay, and economic factors. There was not one main event that occurred, and resulted with the collapse. There was a combination of many small issues that led up to this big event. There are numerous opinions on what actually caused the fall of Rome. Many people say that it was natural or inevitable. Others say that they are astounded that it lasted so long. Although most agree that Rome was doomed to fall eventually, it is impossible to pinpoint one, exact cause that led to Rome’s fall. Christianity was a part in the decline of the Roman Empire. It was not the main contributor, but it did have a big influence on the decline. The spread of …show more content…
This contributed to the decline of the Roman Empire. Military problems were a major source of the fall of the Roman Empire. First of all, the army was made up of unmotivated soldiers. They were much less efficient than the superior soldiers that Rome had in the past, who had passion and pride for the army. This made it much more difficult to win battles. Rome lost their control over the military situations. In addition, Rome didn’t have new enlistments joining the army. Most people were too lazy to help fight and hired their slaves to do it for them. This was illegal but they found loopholes. The slaves that fought did not have the passion and desire to win. They didn’t care about the development of Rome because no matter what they did, they would be servants to it anyway. If you are not fighting to win, then what are you fighting for? Rome could not rely on the older, more experienced, soldiers to help them. All of the veterans, who the government wanted to fight, were retired. They moved out to farms or estates and did not want to be bothered with government affairs. They once felt passion for the army and being a part of it, but that was a long time ago. They lost all the motivation that they once had. Because of Rome’s lack of soldiers, they needed to make draft laws. All

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