The Effects of Pollution on the Growth of Peanut Plants Essay

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In the control group, it is shown that, on average, the peanut plants grew up to 1.69 inches and had an average leaf area of 3.166 cm^2. In the aluminum sulfate investigation, the data calculated shows that plants watered with a pH of 2.5 grew the least in plant height (1.992 in) and leaf area (3.81 cm^2), followed by the plants watered with a pH of 3.5 (2.375 in & 4.67 cm^2). The plants that were given water with a pH of 4.5 grew the most with an average height of 2.81 inches and leaf area of 5.48 cm^2. For the nitrogen groups, the average height and leaf area are greatest at 75mL (3.69 in & 7.8 cm^2), least at 100mL (2.35 in & 4.49 cm^2), with 50mL at 2.86 inches and 5.83 cm^2. In the phosphorus investigation, the data states …show more content…
The decline in height and leaf area between 75mL and 100mL is substantial enough to assume a continuous decrease in height, and consequently health. The decrease in health is also supported in the decrease in leaf area. The hypothesis, which states that if nitrogen is added, then the plant will continue to grow, is not supported by this analysis. According to the data collected, phosphorus continuously promoted the growth and health of the peanut plants. It is possible, because phosphorus is an important nutrient to plant life and is commonly found in fertilizers. This outcome did not support the hypothesis that excessive amounts of phosphorus will cause the plant to wilt and essentially decrease in health and height.
The investigations were performed in ways that could have generated unreliable data. Only nine peanut plants were used per experiment, and within each experiment only three plants were used for each variation, whereas five plants should have been used, instead of the three plants, to form a more accurate group of data. For a statistically representative study, more samples would also have been necessary. Rather than merely three subcategories in each major category, such as the pH of 2.5 in aluminum sulfate, five subcategories should have been created for more reliable data. Recording the weekly data for a longer amount of time would have been more reliable as well. The phosphorus results could have

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