Essay on The Drug Policy in Public Schools

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Officer Terry McCarthy was working for the city of Tucson. He was a representative of City Court. He believed in prevention awareness and an advocate of the education program. He went to many public schools in Tucson. As an advocate, he gave many lectures regarding the variety of drugs and how drugs would impact high school students’ lives and their future. His presentation approach was clearly informative and intensity. The relating subject in the classroom emphasized on substance abuses that would dispute the choices with judgment comes from an student. McCarthy mentioned how drugs would be dangerous, how they made, and why they would lead many high school students into risky paths. On the other hand, the non-relating subject was …show more content…
According to Tucson districts, the recent article stated high school students would have a new drug policy in their school in the upcoming year. In Alabama, students whom drive to schools and part of the after school programs in the general would sign the new form. The upcoming form was called,” New Drug Testing Agreement”. From time to time in the school year, they would be to prepare when random called their names by supervisors in the departments or coaches. The city of Cullman board members eagerly agreed with the new proposal for the prevention methods of drug using in public schools. Not just for the high school, the City of Cullman would implemented the new prevention policy in all high schools including middle schools. The new guideline revealed to monitor students for what administrators and teachers want to keep the free drug campus, discourse the drug environment, and the leadership role of students’ reputation. Students drive their cars to pubic schools face the exact new guideline of drug policy due to safety. The new preventative punishment guideline designed, created, and implemented the officially and brand policy within public school was approval and immediately published that changed the perspective of drug users and their reputation in the upcoming months

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