The Dracula in Literature Essay

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Overtime, vampires have been depicted through many different forms of art, and the myth of the vampire has remained very popular. The general appearance of vampires over the years has changed very little, however the context in which they are placed has varied greatly. It is this change in context and scenario that makes each story distinct and keeps us interested in the myth of vampires.

In Bram Stoker's Dracula, the vampire character of Count Dracula is characterized as a charming, well educated, wealthy man with the ominous physical characteristics of a stereotypical vampire. William Dafoe's portrayal of the vampire character, Max Schreck, in the film "Shadow of the Vampire" is that of a less educated man, working as an actor
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This is similar to the contrast of feelings Harker experiences when he first meets Dracula. He is given the impression that Dracula is a friendly and warm man, but he is left with a sense of uncertainty when he touches his cold, dead-like hands. The character of Schreck, from "Shadow of a Vampire" has some of the same physical, death-like features of a typical vampire. He is an older, bald man with very pale skin and dark eyes. His long and yellow fingernails, and his large distinct teeth, paint the physical characteristics of a typical vampire. As Schreck's character is revealed, however, he begins to look less scary and more comical. The audience begins to see how silly of a character he is for a vampire. Schreck's rounded features, and plump body type become more evident, and although he is in fact still evil, the audience begins to see him as more of a senile old man, rather than a scary vampire.

Although many people base their perception of vampires, solely on their physical appearance, their mental and social capabilities are very distinct and play an important role in defining them as unique beings. Count Dracula comes across as a nice man at the beginning of the novel, for he welcomes Harker into his home. The naive Harker is unaware that vampires cannot harm him unless he crosses the threshold of the vampire's home willingly. Dracula's rich

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