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“I wanted to leave a message on the wall by the altar, tacked alongside all the other hopeful requests so that even if I never returned to Tarumi, something of me would remain (209).”

Autumn, Monday 10th
Dear diary,
As the end of my stay in Tarumi grows closer, “…I was overcome by a feeling of nostalgia… (185).” I have begun to reflect on the changes I went through in my stay in Tarumi. It was as if I had been given new eyes and well…a complete new thought process. However I believe that Tarumi is just a place, a village by the beach, which has no power to enlighten. I believe people have the power to change and enlighten someone. For me, I believe it was Matsu that cut away the shells of a pampered boy and with care, helped me
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For some reason the moment I wrote this I was hit by a wave of depression and nostalgia over the future and my imminent return to Hong Kong. Will my family be safe? Will I revert to my insalubrious self due to the environment of Hong Kong? Or even worse: Will I ever return to Tarumi? No matter how indirect the culture I’m surrounding by is, I cannot be so in my diary. Perhaps that’s how I am controlling my impulsive behavior so far. I must save paper. Must go. Short words. Matsu - dinner.

Autumn, Thursday 13th
Dear Diary,
I have sat down before you with a firm decision to write about Matsu in the pages I devoted for him. I am laughing at the moment remembering the first couple of days with Matsu. He was the old man I saw at the train station. As we walked towards the vacation house, “Matsu wasn’t about to treat me like an invalid. Never once had he stopped, or even ask me if I was alright (9).” He then attended to my needs etc. Then I remember the most embarrassing moment I ever had with Matsu. I asked him, “ ‘Don’t you ever get lonely by yourself?’(15).” I was in no position to ask as much, yet Matsu took no insult or at least to me as it seemed. At Tarumi I was given independence to do things I wanted to do without my mother having a heart attack. Independence. The word struck thoughts of the war in my head. I pushed them out remembering my visit to Sachi-san. I remember entering the leper colony (Yamaguchi) and feeling

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