Essay on The Decline of State Governance

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Introduction In order to clearly understand the failure and collapse of the state appreciating the development of statehood in the global system is integral. The question at stake, therefore, should seek to provide an answer as to the impacts that globalization have on the stability of the states. Consequentially, this paper seeks to trace the main origins of the state and attempts to offer an explanation of the factors of globalization that cause vulnerability to the state. Benvenisti (2013), indicates that the collapse of the state occurs when the structure of the state and its legal and political orders fall apart. Benvenisti, (2013) further argues that state collapse of most prevalent in situations where the factors responsible for …show more content…
For instance, in the Rwanda case, the intervention of the Great Britain and the USA was a perfect example of how states in the developed world used their superior military and economic resources to support the developing world. In order to remain relevant and functional, states had to ensure that they gathered sufficient resources of security and wealth among others. Having the adequate resources was integral in ensuring that the states inserted their authority in the modernly globalized world (Sobel, 2010). Similarly, world superpowers, especially America, intervened in Iraq to offer them humanitarian aid. In as much as they helped Iraq, America had a major interest in the oil industry in Iraq. Investing their time in Iraq helped America get a hold of oil in exchange of humanitarian aid to the country. In as much as some scholars argue against America’s intervention as exploitative, other quarters argue that it needed to gather wealth to maintain its relevance in the modern era. Sobel, (2010) argues that cultural diversity among different countries is heavily responsible for the massive failure in the maintenance of most states, in the modern era. Unlike America, most of the countries in the world have their unique cultural context and ways of life. America’s foundation lies on the immigrants who came to an understanding of living together. The fact that they were immigrants who together formed the state explains the ease and strength with which

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