The Cold War Between East and West During 1949-1989 Essay

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How did the Non-Aligned Movement’s (NAM) communication with its member countries promote its successes and failures during the Cold War?

Section A: Plan of Investigation

The goal is to understand the effect of the Non-Aligned Movement on the Cold War between East and West during 1949-1989. A structured foundation was formed by the first members of NAM: Nehru of India, Tito of Yugoslavia, Nasser of Egypt, Sukarno of Indonesia and Nkrumah of Ghana. NAM was created during the collapse of the colonial system and independence struggles of many countries at the height of the Cold War. NAM formed in an effort to dissolve differences between the Western Bloc and Eastern Bloc and to resolve tensions between the military powers after
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• The superpowers exploited and undermined “neutral nations”.
• Constantly suspected Third World players of supporting the enemy
• Increasing numbers of armed conflicts occurred in developing nations.

Non-Aligned Movement
• A foreign policy taken by 118 members, or countries
• “A multilateral trans-national organisation made up of states with differing ideologies and purposes…”
• Allowed the possibility of joining either power bloc
• “… a smaller power could defend itself by threatening to align with the other superpower.”
• NAM is “not hostile, by any means.”
• Founders and successors rejected integration of a highly organized structure.

Founding Members
• Opposed threats from the dominating powers
• Anti-colonialist due to the difficult time period of colonization they endured
• Openly campaigned independence and non-alignment
• Heads of their respective states; obtained power immediately after colonialism ended
• Led and participated in wars advocating anti-colonialism and anti-imperialism
• Emphasized nation’s rights, peace and security through active involvement

Chronological Meetings/Conferences
• 9 summits took place during the Cold War
• 1955: The founding members formed NAM at the Bandung Conference in Indonesia.
• 29 former colonies discussed common concerns and developed joint policies in international relations
• June 1961: “proprietary meeting for the First NAM Summit

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