Essay about The Characteristics of Virtual Teams

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-This paper will show and describe what the communication characteristics of virtual -teams are.

-It will state the multiple benefits and implications of virtual communication.

-It will state how the traditional face-to-face teams have adapted almost every aspect of the virtual teams, except of course the geographical aspect.

-It will also show how the rapidly increasing technology makes organisations who uses virtual teams, are more strengthened in the increasing competitive global market.


Virtual teams are said to be comprised of people who are geographically separated and who work across boundaries of space and time by utilizing modern computer driven technologies. Virtual team members seldom if ever meet.
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One is to get the employees out of the office and closer to the customers, to unify a function across the organization, or to cut time and travel expenses. Or a company in an undesirable location in a need to recruit employees who have the right skills but refuse to relocate (Carla Joinson_2002)

In either of the reasons above, the only way to achieve goals weather it is to recruit new employees or just to get existing employees out of the office is to establish virtual teams. Even tough a team member isn't in the office or the workstation, the manager will have a possibility to reach him/her by e-mail, cellular phones etc. They don't need to meet face to face. (Linda Arnison & Peter Miller_2002)

But for a virtual team to function properly, the team members need to attain certain skills, such as under standing the technological infrastructure, how to use the different technical tools, to function effectively in a work group, conducting in virtual meetings and planning and managing tasks (Carla Joinson_2002) The team also needs to understand the advantages and limitations of the technology they are using, before conducting their work, i.e. e-mail is an effectively and good way of communicating, but if one writes or the receiver misunderstands the text, the problem can escalate into an intractable resentment. (Linda Arnison & Peter Miller_2002)

The success of virtual teams will depend on how independent the different team

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