Essay on The cause of Gandhi's death

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Biography of Mohandas K. Gandhi Mohandas.K.Gandhi, to many people, was the most influential figure of the century. His teachings brought so much happiness, that people began to call him "Bapu", meaning father. He was born into a moderately wealthy family, 1869, in which his father and forefathers worked as lawyers. His father "Had no knowledge save that acquired from his job" says Mahatma himself. Since he was a child born in Gujrat where he studied the religion of "Jainism", he believed that all of the religions e.g. Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism are connected in some way and they all also have ethics of non-violence and peace. He …show more content…
These lepers were usually shot and killed to prevent such diseases from spreading, although Gandhi was strongly against this idea.

Mahatma's first experience of racial discrimination was in South Africa when he was thrown of a train for sitting in the first class section. This surprised Gandhi very much as he had never been prosecuted due to his racial background. Although he had bought a legal ticket, he was still thrown of due to the colour of his skin-an unjust act of Racial discrimination. In Africa, he learned two traditional rules of tackling this on going problem; Ahimsa (non-violence) and Satyagraha (speaking the truth). Gandhi spent over two decades teaching these two principles. After doing what he could in Africa he returned to India where he was greeted with a large amount of respect and joy.

Once Gandhi had returned to India he decided to "see India", all of the small villages and towns. Although Gandhi could not travel across the hundreds and thousands of acres of his country, he had a very clear idea of what the impact of the British had on the people of India. He led a life of simplicity, wearing a few rags and never complaining about the work and chores he had to carry out. Gandhi believed so much in his work that he was prepared to die for it, this positive attitude encouraged the hearts of many. Gandhi, along with a group of intelligent Muslims

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