The Capacities of Organic Farming Essay

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The Capacities of Organic Farming

It is necessary for the purpose of this assignment to start by defining what is meant by "Organic Farming". It can simply be defined as "farming without chemicals" which is very much the case.

The two articles provide arguments of whether organic farming is sufficient to provide sustainable source of food for the increasing population. Two different points of view are expressed in the articles.

"Organic farming is all very well, but can it feed the world?"

In his article Lawrence Woodward main argument was the ability of organic farming to feed the world provided that many factors should be considered and probably changed. Factors that has nothing to do
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An example of where Woodward tried to raise a case instead of presenting evidence is clear in his argument that in places where organic farming is not able to provide adequate food, the reason is not related to the technical ability of organic farming, but in the market, financial and political structures of the world. In pointing this issue Woodward used some words that aiming to convince the reader rather than providing facts and figures. (As his explanation about Africa debts and Ethiopia exporting agricultural products during the famine). The same can be noticed from his sentence about the commodity trading system where he said "There is not much room in this strategy for polices aimed at feeding the world. Feeding people simply does not figure in this system".

Also, in his argument about the application of biotechnology as not being healthy or safe, being a reason for environmental damages, in addition to calling it as "industry-directed, undemocratic technology". He approached this trying to make a case without presenting clear and supporting evidence in an unbiased way.

Woodward believed that organic agriculture can provide sustainable

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