The Art of Collaborative Learning Essay example

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As young adults in college we learn many tools that we will use and take back out into the world. Among these tools, the most important is independence.
Independence means losing the training wheels that mentors have given students, and using the information they have provided them to create a life. Mentors guide college students into becoming the adults they will be one day. Even though students may not be independent while they are receiving help from mentors, mentors give the students the ability and confidence to eventually be on their own. Mike Rose who had the help of mentors explains,
You’ll need people to guide you into conversations that seem foreign and threatening. You’ll need models, lots of them to show you how to get at
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In my personal experience, I had a mentor who I talked with every day after school. He spoke to me like I was an adult and in return; I learned how to have mature conversations with adults. I was already prepared to communicate with people of higher education. My experience shows how a little help from a trusted mentor can help the development of a student’s life. Rose had a chance to communicate with his professors said, “I rang the doorbell and heard steps on a hardwood floor. Mr. Johnson opened the door and stepped out. He was smiling and his eyes were attentive in the light…present…there. They said, ‘Come, let’s talk.’ (103) In essence, this is important because it shows that Rose always had his professors there to talk to. They taught him how to communicate in an effective and mature way. They taught him how to find the information he needed for living in the real world. Communicating in this way will prove valuable all through a student’s life, whether it is a job interview, meeting an important person, or just talking among highly educated peers. This type of communication will make a student confident enough to independently go out on their own where educated communication is needed. While mentors can guide a student, independence truly shows through critical thinking. The term, thinking critically, means looking at a situation in a different light and coming up with a unique opinion of that

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