The Anti-Noble Policy of Henry VII Essays

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The Anti-Noble Policy of Henry VII

Henrys policy to the nobles during his reign could be considered as antagonistic. Henry had realised how easily the nobles could pose a threat to him, due to their power and responsibilities in his country, and so reduced this power thus reducing the possibilities of his downfall.

This essays intention is to determine why Henry pursued such a dangerous policy, yet also reviewing the claims that his policies were anti-noble. This essay will also be interpreting the reasons for Henrys actions and the views of historians on the subject.

Before the reign of Henry VII, the role of the nobles was highly significant in comparison to that during his reign due to
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An example of one of these circumstances was during the reign of Richard II, when he "...became involved in a struggle with the leading nobles. In 1399 his cousin, Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Lancaster, forces him to abdicate and became king in his place as Henry IV."[1] From reviewing such events as this, as well as the situation involving the betrayal on Stanley's part towards Richard at the Battle of Bosworth field, Henry could interpret the consequences of powerful nobles, although there are advantages, such as the controlling law and order, there were many negative aspects. Henry could not afford to contemplate their trust, or the possibility of the nobles over powering him would always play a key role during his reign.

The new policies made by Henry could be portrayed in two main ways. The first being that he was an anti - noble king, the other being that the policies reflect "...suspicion and real paranoid megalomania" [2] This essay will firstly examine the anti - noble views. First of all, Henry introduced the following ideas; firstly, he decided on a much smaller peerage, which meant that he assigned the "...fewest amounts of land in history..."[3] to the nobles, giving them less power over nearby land. The next policy which he introduced was to give the least amount of favours to the nobles, through such things as finance, again restraining their power due to a smaller

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