The Ancient Aztec Civilization Essay

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Everyone has a word(s) that defines their life and who they are; nevertheless the word sacrifice defines who I am and how I apply it to my life. Initially, what does it mean to sacrifice? According to the World English Dictionary, the noun meaning of sacrifice is the surrender of something of value as a means of gaining something more desirable or of preventing some evil. Additionally, the verb meaning of sacrifice according to is to surrender or give up, or permit injury or disadvantage to, for the sake of something else. In my opinion, sacrifice is the act in which something is relinquished for the sake of something of a greater value or significance. Imagine competing in the Iron Man triathlon; 4 km swimming, 180 km …show more content…
A mother and father working staggering shifts so their children don’t have to be in daycare. Additionally, I sacrificed my 18th birthday party to celebrate my grandfather’s 80th birthday party. The sacrifices of today could be considered small, but they are every bit as important as the one they are sacrificing for. Throughout the world and throughout history, many objects have been sacrificed. Animals, food, time, and lives have all been sacrificed. In early civilizations, the blood of a human or animal was sacrificed to honor, or to please their deity. Many individuals have sacrificed food for health reasons as well. Perhaps, the most common sacrifice of today is time. For instance, an individual spends their entire Saturday helping an elderly neighbor clean their yard or spending an evening visiting those individuals who are ill in the hospital; these individuals are sacrificing their time for others. Furthermore, the biblical story of Abraham and his sacrifice of his son was a powerful story of sacrificial love. Abraham was going to obey the command from God and sacrifice his young son Isaac. He loved his son dearly, but he also loved and wanted to obey God. This story of sacrificial love is probably one of the hardest acts of true sacrifice. However, sacrificial love doesn’t always entail death; it can include pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is exactly what Dick Hoyt, the father of a twenty year old disabled

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