The American Revolution: NOT Really Revolutionary Essay

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During the late eighteenth century the colonies were in a fight for independence; a fight for a revolution from a government that had oppressed them, taxed them, and basically enslaved them. So why did the new government they were struggling to construct so closely resemble the government they detested to be under? Thirteen colonies all fighting against one common foe, however governing themselves would cause many obstacles within. The new government was being pieced together from the only political system they have even been a part of, a monarchy. As a result there was a severance between the people on how the government was to be run. Some felt it was too democratic while others opposed claiming it was not enough. Colonists really …show more content…
The colonist thought this to be the best form of action because they still .".. thought of themselves as Englishmen, not as "Americans" (Heilbroner, 59). They took the advice of past Englishmen staging that, even in a fight to be liberated from a country they hated, they were still somewhat loyal to their mother country. Not all the people in the colonies promoted change. Most farmers and wealthy slave holders thrived from England, having little, if any, gripes with Britain. The closure of the port of Boston was their only major concern because it depleted trade efforts. However, even when the men spoke out against their government, looking for a higher standing in the colonies, they were easily silenced by higher ranking officials. The urban population was physically smaller but they displayed a persistent voice. Such people as artisans, for example, began to want reformed laws and wanted the representatives from Parliament to be held more accountable. When this was made public in Philadelphia, many uttered "It is time the tradesmen were checked-they ought not to intermeddle in state affairs-they will become too powerful" (Nash, 146). In essence this unveiled the oxymoron of fighting for a democracy while suppressing your own people. Not so revolutionary for a country that was teetering at the end of a line that would lead to their independence and freedom.

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