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Many features to the age card make this document approachable and easy for the reader to deal with. However, there are many aspects, including spacing and the number columns, which may have an adverse effect, making a simple document appear to be a daunting task. Karen A. Schriver’s analysis of the 1040 tax document only highlights certain changes that may need to be made to the Age Card to make it more user-friendly and amicable in the future. Ultimately, these changes are essential as the less challenges the document presents the less likely that mistakes will occur. As a student, having filled out the document myself some time ago, I remember the difficulty I faced due to the level of uncertainty it presented. While the document may be …show more content…
There is a very clinical feel to the vocabulary used throughout the document, which makes it feel threatening and overly formal. The distinct lack of any personal reference, using words like “you” or “your” is apparent and makes the document appear extremely official to the reader’s eye. This is similar to Schriver’s view that this makes the document seems less approachable and more like a typical overly formal government document. Schriver admits that it is necessary to use “the words “you”, “yours” and “thank you” more frequently” to make the document appear “friendlier”. The use of the word “applicant” only reinforces the recognised difference between the “applicant” and District Office, making it seem “mean and militaristic”. However, this is important in ensuring the document is easy to read, the reader is being given direct commands and by avoiding “verbose, convoluted language and jargon” (Tutorial 3 Assessment). The document uses to very consistent typographies throughout which Schriver admits makes documents appear “friendlier”. The use of a san serif text ensures that the document is easier of the applicant’s eyes and decreases the likelihood of any mistakes due to illegibility. The use of an upper case and bold font on the subheading regarding the application draw the eye to one of the most important aspects of the documents. Similar to Schriver’s change in the document,

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