Tension and Fear in Great Expectations Essay

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Discuss how Dickens creates tension and fear in the early chapters of
Great Expectations.

There is a lot of tension and fear created by Charles Dickens throughout the early Chapters of Great Expectations.

In Chapter 1 tension is started off when Philip known as Pip hadn’t seen his parents of any kind, Charles Dickens stated that in 1960 -
1961 they never had photographs of any kind, therefore Pip didn’t even know what his parents looked like.

Pip was able to see his parent’s tombstones; the shape of the letters on his father’s grave gave him an odd feeling that his father was a square, stout, dark man with curly black hair. He saw his mother in his imagination as a freckled and sickly lady, remember the only site of his
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The man asked Pip “Where do you live” Pip answered down there, he pointed out were he lived, he was scared, he was not only scared of his life now but his sisters too. The man turned Pip upside down and took all of Pips belongings; he never had much as he was not at all wealthy. Tension is created by people’s lives being at threat. Pip is frightened; fear definitely is rising rapidly as well as tension.

Tension is built up rapidly in the early chapters as life is at stake.
The man was asking him all sorts of questions and Pip new if he answered incorrectly he was in for trouble. He was with a greater sense of helplessness and danger. The man told Pip that he wants a
File and wittles in the early morning. “You bring them both to me” he tilted me again “Or I’ll have your heart and liver out” he tilted me again. It is unbelievable what is going through his mind rite now as he must be scared of dying. Fear is at a peak point and tension is rising rapidly sentence by sentence. He is frightened for his life in a very weak manner. He is being threatened sentence by sentence. If he doesn’t get the files and wittles in the early morning his heart and liver shall be torn out, roasted and ate. The lines above gives a big fright to the young boy scared, fighting for his life bravely.

Tensions is rising as death is being mentioned in a terrible state and the little boy is within tremendous fear, but

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