Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: A Literature Review Essay

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Regarding EI in patients with TLE and patients with extra temporal lobe epilepsy discussion verifies the concept of EI. EI is the skill to 1) comprehend emotions and express feelings, 2) comprehend others emotions and sympathize with them, 3) regulate emotions, 4) use emotions as an adaptive function, 5) the use of self-motivation in a positive manner [1]. The anatomical structure of the brain known as the amygdala is vital to emotional responses to particular stimuli. Facial expressions are understood by the amygdala. Studies using the lesion process have indicated that the amygdala plays an important role of the medial and anterior temporal lobes in order to process emotions from optical stimuli and in EI [1]. In the study conducted it …show more content…
In the study there was no difference between left and right epileptic locations. According to other studies there is a difference stating that left TLE patients function worse than right TLE patients on memory exams [4]. Patients that were treated or not treated were generally worse in comparison to the control group. It was determined that CBZ can affect memory. But it is challenging to differentiate from the effect of CBZ to the inception of the convulsions and the length of the disease [4]. Regarding network of gray matter degradation associated with recurrent seizures in TLE patients that have or do not have hippocampal sclerosis. The discussion states that the spreading of GM degradation is present in TLE-HS and TLE-NL. The length of epilepsy is associated with more hippocampal degradation [3]. GM degradation spreading was more obvious in TLE-HS, it was also noted that extra-temporal GM degradation could also occur in TLE-NL. According to their study TLE-NL patients had no degradation in the mesial temporal areas but they did have thalamic degradation very similar to TLE-HS patients. In the study it was thought that the hippocampus and other mesial areas were connected to the epileptic web of TLE-NL, but there was no degradation in the area [3]. It was seen that patients with HS have more GM degradation. Even though some TLE-HS patients do not have seizures often they still have a some amount of GM degradation

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