Telecommunication Market Regulation Essay

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1. Introduction.

Regulation remains one of most important interventions in a liberalised telecommunications market. As more players come into the market and competition increases, regulation becomes even more necessary to bring in sanity. Although there are many critical components of regulation, this paper will discuss the following three components: Licensing and Authorisation, Interconnection and Universal Access\service.

2. Licensing & Authorisation
Licensing and authorisation is mode of providing permission to an operator to provide services to a particular jurisdiction. It contains terms and conditions of operation. In a competitive communications market, an effective authorisation and licensing model is key to maintaining a fair
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2.1 Convergence

Convergence – defined as the ability of different networks to carry similar kinds of services or the ability to provide a range of services over a single network also has an impact on the form of licensing and authorisation. Regulators should therefore embrace convergence in their licensing and authorisation regimes by considering open technology and service neutral licenses.

2.2 Disputes and Resolution.

In a competitive market, it is enviable that disputes will occur. Disputes can be between the regulator and the operators, between different operators or between operators and customers. Disputes between regulator and operators usually result from licensing conditions like laws on anti-competitive behaviour, the imposition of price controls, and the granting of permissions to market new services while disputes between operators are more likely to centre around competition issues and interconnection issues. Billing, quality of service and waiting lists are the types of issues most likely to arise between customers and operators.

It is therefore important that regulators ensure that dispute resolution procedures are in place and that they are legally capable of resolving issues emanating from these disputes. in some countries, operators have

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