Teenagers Need Safe Sex Education Essay

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Three million teenagers will contract a sexually transmitted disease and one in three women will become pregnant before they are twenty years old. Teens are contracting sexually transmitted diseases and getting pregnant at an alarming rate causing the government, schools, and parents to scratch their heads. America is the country with the highest teen pregnancy rate in the world. Many are wondering what can be done to stop this. A debate has been going on about whether abstinence only education is doing any good for high school students in America. Abstinence only education teaches teenagers to abstain from all sexual acts until they are married. It does not teach about pregnancy or the different types of contraceptives that are …show more content…
19 million new STD cases appear each year with half of them being youth ages 15-24 and 5,259 people were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS ages 13-24. Abstinence only education is the sex education program preferred by the federal government. Their funding has gone from 50 million a year in 1996 to over 87 million dollars annually.

Point One Safe sex education teaches students the facts about intercourse that they need to know. Many teenagers do not even realize that oral sex is actually sex with consequences and they end up with gonorrhea of the throat or oral herpes. Students as young as 12 that are in middle school experiment with oral sex because they see it as far less dangerous. It has become a trend among younger generations. Another shocking trend among younger teenagers is anal sex. They believe that they are still preserving their virginity and staying safe. Sex is not just vaginal intercourse and safe sex education distinguishes all the ways that sexually transmitted diseases can be passed from one person to another. Teenagers also need to know the different ways they can protect themselves from both sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Abstinence only education does not teach about the use of contraceptives protecting against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Teenagers are left with absolutely no idea on how they can protect themselves because they are simply taught to say, “no.”

Counterargument #1
A major counterargument against safe

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