Team Sports A Part of Less Independence Essay

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The concept of having a competition that displays physical ability has flourished in today’s society as sports have captured the interest of individuals around the world. They provide a source of entertainment, exercise, and learning. One can play sports as part of a team such as basketball, football, or soccer or simply as an individual in track and field, swimming, or golf. The Olympic games remains one of the most popular and anticipated events, involving global participation in several sports both popular and obscure. No matter the sport, it will ultimately captivate some audience as one doesn’t simply have to play to enjoy but can be just a fan as well. While the excitement of sports will always draw the crowd, they will also help to …show more content…
Getting to play at the professional level is their dream, and they look at professional athletes as role models. As a result they have the perception that these athletes are living a life without worry--a life where failure is an impossibility. As these athletes enter the professional arena, this deceptive passion begins, in a way, to replace their self-reliance. The athletes’ dependency on the sport’s rewards results in a loss of identity and the subsequent loss of independence.
Another feature of athletics is simply being a fan. Individuals have their favorite sports teams and favorite athletes as well. They follow the progress associated with the team or athlete and tend to give support. Through a claim, being a fan in athletics can maybe create a stand-in that replaces a basic principle. This is important due to the opinion that too many amatuer athletes look to be good at a sport and expect that to get them through life. Also sports fans tend to think that sports in all will correct any emotional shortcomings or use sports to feel a sense of belonging. This leads out any consideration for the other fulfilling wonders of life and leads to a feeble mindset of non-genuine or fake dependency.
Athletes who are goal oriented towards becoming a professional are willing to sacrifice their own time. Athletes miss out on spending time with their families and at their earlier years they can miss out on parties

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