Essay on Teaching Toddlers How to Read

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When baby are born are some born smarter than others? Perhaps it is a genetic gene that makes them smart. As these babies are growing into toddlers is it possible to teach them how to read? Can they understand what is going on? According to Sara Gable who wrote an article in
The brain's task for the first 3 years is to establish and reinforce connections with other neurons. These connections are formed when impulses are sent and received between neurons. Axons send messages and dendrites receive them. These connections form synapses. Between birth and age 3, the brain creates more synapses than it needs. The synapses that are used a lot become a permanent part of the brain. The synapses that are not used frequently are
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This connection is what helps them decode printed letters and words” (Hudson). Although some two year old toddlers are reading it is found that it is more memorized. They are not able to comprehend what they are reading. However Robert Titzer, Ph.D. creator of ‘Your Baby Can Read’ has created a system to teach infants and toddlers how to read. Robert Titzer had created this system for his two daughters. He had tested it out on them before distributing; Your Baby Can Read. This system consisted of DVD, books and flash card. This system is design to teach infants and toddlers how to read. According to his grading graph in (Figure 1) there has been a great increase from ages three to six year olds. Dr. Robert Titzer has proven that yes toddler can read. When reading to toddlers it will introduce language skill. Language skill is a step to learning how to read. Once a toddler understands language skill they will have to learn how to decode the words. After learn how to decode they will have to learn how to comprehend what they are reading. This is a process that takes time.
I purchase this system about a year and half ago. I had purchased it for my two daughters Mckyla and Emmaly. The system came with 5 different learning levels. It came with DVDs, flash cards with pictures, and books with pictures. Mckyla was five years old and my baby, Emmaly was about eight months old at the time of purchase. Just after a week of showing them the videos and reading the book

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