Teaching Styles in Physical Education Essay

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In the world today, having qualified professionals in the physical education field is often overlooked. People do not give enough credit to these professionals when in reality they play one of the most important roles in a child’s life. Everyone who partakes in a physical education class as a student is able to look back at their personal experience, and form a conclusion as to if they thoroughly enjoyed it or not. This may be subconscious or discussed openly, but it does happen at some point or another in one’s lifetime. Proper instruction by the teacher is imperative for the students understanding and development as a human being.
The skills taught early on in one’s life by physical education professionals are skills that go hand in
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The kids who are not as fortunate to have this positive experience are more likely to fall into practices leading them into sedentary, inactive lifestyles.
The direct teaching approach to teaching physical education is employed when teachers give the students instructions and perform demonstrations that the students are expected to follow. This style has low involvement by the participants and allows the students to try the skill on their own, allowing them to “get their feet wet” so to speak. It sounds easy enough, but keeping a large group of children or young adults engaged and attentive is not a simple task. The key in teaching students directly is breaking down the given instructions and skills into the simplest, most understandable form for the audience. Through simplicity these instructions are most likely to be followed with the best practice.
Teaching directly heavily relies on the breakdown of instruction. If instructions are given all at once it may be hard for the student to carry out the activity exactly as expected. This is solely why breaking down the instructions into steps is a reliable way to receive positive feedback from the students. For example, if the class is going to be performing a skill oriented activity during a class period the game needs to be broken down into steps through lead up games. This will keep all of the student’s active and performing the same activity.

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