Essay on Teaching Physical Education

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Teaching Physical Education

I believe that in many circumstances and in differing situations, children's emotions and discomforts are being over looked in the physical education setting. Ideally a teacher would like to have all their students, as well rounded as possible, as far as intellectually, emotionally and physically. I am afraid it is almost impossible these days, with the influx of divorce, widening gap in socioeconomic status, increased diagnosis of attention disorders and the increased number of kids that are less active these days. This is a serious demand put upon any teacher. Though these problems are extensive, they still nonetheless are real; a policy that is trying to help and is being adopted into Saskatchewan's
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teachers. This is another area of concern (favoritism) that I would like to address and to try to understand. Favoritism is a small part of a teacher's expectations of their students, which can lead to detrimental outcomes for some children if not felt wanted or welcome. "Good teachers are typically those who encourage their students to believe they are capable, important and self sufficient." Something that could be added to this quote even though it is very exemplary of what is necessary, is the word "all" in front of the word students. It could be conveyed that the quotation could have significance and relevance for a select few. Students that mould into what the teacher deems necessary for the right skills and attitudes acquired in order to teach them properly and effectively while still making the teacher feel they are accomplishing their job. What I am trying to say is there are kids who from an early age know just what to do in order to please their teachers, and there are those that struggle to find that all their life. It is those who relate well to the teacher that often are "encouraged" to "believe" that they are "capable" and "important". And it is those who the teachers boast who have "succeeded". Maybe I am way off base as far as teacher's expectations and attitudes, and how they treat students differently. But I felt for example in elementary physical education, more of a bond

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