Teaching Case Study Essay

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Teaching Case Study

During my brief observation of an urban middle school, I have found that too often teachers do not have the time to sit down and understand their students. In a day filled with short periods, chaotic class changes, and over a hundred students, this task could seem daunting and unnecessary to some. However, by taking the time to understand your students, I believe you can reach them better in your instruction. Even though you might not have the time to sit down and conduct an interview like I had the opportunity to do, teachers still can find out details about their students every day and simply care about their lives and perspectives.

By understanding the importance of this exercise, I
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When questioned about school, Ana mentioned that she went through a period where she did not care about her schoolwork or paying attention to her mother. This time of disobedience occurred during her father’s absence from her home. Although I did not question why he left or returned, Ana told me candidly that her father left when she was eight years old and returned when she was twelve years old. When he came back into her life, Ana claimed that she changed. She started paying attention to her parents and being well behaved in school, which included finishing her schoolwork. However, Ana noted that she has always been polite in school, which I had noticed from the beginning of my observation time, but it was during that period without her father that she did not try to succeed. Although her English is sometimes difficult to understand, I grasped that not only did she start failing with schoolwork, but she was also getting involved in discipline issues, such as fights, during that time period.

Knowing a little about Hispanic culture from my period of observation at the school, I realize this bad behavior might stem from the absence of the male, who is seen as the dominant figure in the family with more strength and authority than the female. Losing this strong presence could have been difficult for Ana, no matter how responsible or positive this father was in reality. Having her

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