Strategies for Diverse Learners: Observation Results Essay

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This report summarizes results of an assessment tool identified as Strategies for Diverse Learners implemented with a small group of three at-risk literacy learners and a teacher from a nearby district (Sullivan & Glanz, 2009). The focus of this report is on the implementation of strategies for diverse learners. Teachers instruct students, and the opposition in this obligation is that all children learn differently. The community of learners, I'm focusing on, in this report are the at-risk literacy learners. At-risk learners do not learn at the same rate as average or above average learners. The at-risk community needs reflective educators who are responsible in their learning; to be "in the know" how to teach this group of
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Effective teachers think through this process and make all necessary adjustments to their teaching method for better results.


Prior to viewing and video taping the lesson, there was a pre-conference meeting with the teacher. At this time, the teacher shared strengths in reading and writing process for each child about to be observed, reflecting upon some challenges for each child and gave sample language used to support their learning.

The analysis utilizes data collected by various means:


Dialogue between us was around the following areas such as, teacher observations, notes on reading and writing behaviors recorded on the lesson records, teacher awareness about reading and writing process, teacher reflection on past lessons, running records over time.

During the learning session:

Data pieces used were my observations; notes recorded about students reading and writing behaviors, listening carefully to students’ conversation and teacher-child interactions.


Data gathered in a collaborative way through conversation, teachers’ notices, students thinking and active learning around text, and observer’s notices, notes and evidence from lesson.



- Teacher-Child ratio: 1:3 (One expert teacher and 3 at-risk literacy learners)

- Observer noting reading and writing behaviors and using the tool to record Strategies for Diverse Learners - Video Camera to record a 30-minute

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