Sport Betting Advices Essay

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Betting for someone means fun, someone use it for raising adrenaline, for others it's way of earning money. It doesn't matter in which group you belong to, first and primary what you have to possess to be successful in betting is self-control. WHY??? For several reasons, self-control is important because most of the players after loosing a bet continues with a larger role in the quest for greater income, which in the long term results with large losses. Furthermore, the statistics tell us that bookmakers are reaping profits on a percentage of 90% of the players for the simple reason: everyone would like to get rich over the night, so we're playing many pairs on a ticket what is reducing are chances for
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• Bet on what you know- just bets on sports or events with which you are familiar, that you love and often follow.
• There is no 100% safe bet- any bet is never 100% safe, evidence for that you have on daily basis in all sporting events, there is no day that one of the favorites do not blunder.
• Large coefficients are large for a reason-you have keep in mind that bookmakers have a lots of analysts who are familiar with all the facts and circumstances which are affecting on setting the coefficients.
• Bookmakers live by your greed – with betting you can't get rich quickly, try to choose the system for which you have capabilities, set a rules and goals , and in a long term you will be successful.
• Bet on a single – single bet is the one used by the successful bettors, because with more bets your chances for winning are decreased, and that is what bookmakers want and not you. To be profitable betting on a single you need a 55% success, ranging coefficients between 1,6-2,6.
• Choose the bets with two possible outcomes-if you are betting on team sports like soccer , try betting on Aisan handicap, over/under(goals), because with them you avoid the draw option, and with that you increase your chances for winning.
• Limit the costs- if you want to be successful in sports betting, first you set a specific of how much you are willing and able to take a risks, because if you fall into bad series you will quickly lose your money.

If you decide to bet on

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