Spielberg's Jaws Essay

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Spielberg's Jaws

In the film jaws the creativity of the camera shots and the uses of music is extremely effective and create an exciting atmosphere for the audience. I am analysing this to tell everyone what jaws is about and the tragic attacks that happened on Amity Island, USA. The worst attack happened on Independence Day due to the beaches been busier than they usually are. Tension is the main scare factor of this movie but it is also used to capture the audience’s attention.

In the first attack the music and tension is not used as much to make the audience feel more comfortable and unaware the first of many attacks is about to happen. All is cheerful as a party takes place on the sand
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The second attack involves the young boy in the sea on his yellow lilo. The director focuses on persons in yellow to warn the audience that there may be another attack. As the families are enjoying their time on the beach, the camera then changes shots to see Brodys worried face. This then highlights the fact that he knows there is an attack about to take place. He continues to watch the sea like an eagle. The camera then focuses on the little boy with the lilo as he walks towards the sea. The camera then changes to give a view of the boy’s mother sitting down reading a book. Then as he walks towards the water the camera closes in on him carrying his lilo. He then asks his mother if he can stay in for 10 more minutes. At this point the camera directly shows a dog and its owner calling the dog. We are then left with a camera shot of the dogs stick. Just from this camera shot the audience know that the carnivorous shark has attacked the dog.

The camera then shows the boy in a middle view shot running into the sea then as he jumps onto the lilo the camera goes under the water to the same camera angle as in the first attack. After this shot the audience knows there is going to be an attack. But because it doesn’t happen straight away the film is building tension for the audience. But as this is happening,

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