Essay on Space Race and Cold War

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Who can listen to the words "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" and not bring to mind the images of the lunar mission of Apollo 11. We have been inventing and exploring things since centuries. Many of these things that we discovered or invented, were never thought would be possible in earth's life time. But they exist today, and they are used by almost every human being and there are many more incredible and improbable things to come and aid us in our daily life. One of the most interesting things to me would fall under exploration and inventing. We are about to venture into the history of space and learn how man and his inventions have gotten there.

This renowned and famous moonwalk, which confused scientists for
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Even in the late 19th century, few people believed such a feat was possible, and yet, a mere half a century later, the first man was launched into space (Irvine 5). How did the human race go from just dreaming about space to actually launching human beings into space in such a short time? This historical change was such an outstanding accomplishment which will always be regarded as a work of bravery, heroism, and purpose to do what one though was out of the question, something unimaginable. Such an attainment gives humanity a collective impression of achievement, admiration, awe and creativity. Surprisingly, the United States space program started with the Cold War. The Cold war pushed the United States and the Soviet Union into a space race in which both nations rapidly developed space programs and tried to best each other in space exploration.
President Kennedy gave a speech to Congress on May 25, 1961, in which he , he expressed his fear that the Soviet Union was far ahead than the United States in its prestige in science skills and technology. On hearing this, the U.S. was downhearted which led it to prove its technological superiority at any cost and knowledge. The Apollo 11 mission was a historic event that fulfilled President Kennedy's challenge as he said “to send a man to the moon before the end of 1969 and return him safely to earth” - and made progress and developments easier for future lunar landing missions to follow. The congress handed NASA multibillion

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