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Within the realm of psychology, a plethora of theories exist that offer explanations about people. A learning theory attempts to explain how people and animals learn, whereas the social learning theories take to a different level; they attempt to explain how organisms learn in social settings. Three important concepts of Bandura’s social learning theory include observational learning, modeling, and imitation. Many factors take part in the way people behave and think. We learn concepts and ideas not only through hands-on learning but also through observational learning as well. Observational learning is a process in which learning occurs through observing and imitating others. This concept introduced by Bandura because he did not fully …show more content…
For the first observation a classroom setting was observed in which the teacher used a SMART board to review homophones. Students learned the words, there, their, they’re, to, too, two, its, and it’s. The teacher explained the use of each word and gave the students rules or “ways” in helping them determine which word form was the correct one to use. This teaching method exemplified the use of live modeling. The teacher first demonstrated/taught the correct use of each word in a sentence. She then used verbal instruction when giving students’ rules to use in helping them determine the correct word form to use in a sentence. The teacher had several sentences on the board in which she selected students at random to fill in blanks using the correct form of a word. The teacher praised the successful students for their accomplishments and the students who struggled were assisted by the other students until they succeeded. As each student succeeded, this made the other students eager to go to the SMART board, answer the questions and use the rules verbally given to them. This is one of the effects of modeling on behavior. Students are more likely to exhibit a behavior when they see others being reinforced for such behaviors (Ormrod, 2003). In the next educational setting a group of 38 students between the ages of six to eight were playing at the playground during recess. Once they arrived to the playground, they divided themselves into

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