Social Anxiety Disorder: Nature vs Nurture Essay

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While having a concert at Central Park in New York City, Barbra Streisand forgot the words to one of her songs, which caused her to not charge people for her singing for nearly 30 years in fear of forgetting the words again. Social phobia is one of the most common anxiety disorders, with a lifetime prevalence of 7%-13%. Many are affected by social phobia, or Social Anxiety Disorder. Social Anxiety Disorder is not genetically linked, the environment is what influences it. One of the most common anxiety disorder is social phobia, which can sometimes be interchangeable with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Marc de Rosnay, and others, states that Social Anxiety Disorder is characterized by a clearly noticeable fear and avoidance of most …show more content…
Social Anxiety Disorder is environmental. Indirect effect, or the infant’s or child’s observation of their parent’s response to the environment, plays an important role. Starting at about 10 months, infants begin to notice how their mothers are acting, such as their emotional responses to strangers, and they are likely to change their own behavior according to that response (de Rosnay). Therefore, these findings suggests that social anxiety may be transmitted from mother to infant through environmental factors. Another environmental factor that could influence the child’s probability of having social anxiety disorder is the birth mothers’ complications during pregnancy. The complications during pregnancy are a potential environmental factor that can change estimates of genetic influences (Grigorenko). Those who are exposed to parental anxiety may learn behavioral and emotional activities from parents by observing and copying their parents’ everyday actions (Knafo). A lot of the parents’ actions could influence the shaping of their children. The parents’ treatment of the child could influence how their children turn out. According to Knafo, one possible environmental explanation for inheriting social anxiety involves compromised parenting in anxious parents. Anxious parents are more known to be less responsive to their children. As a result, children who are raised by unresponsive parents are at more risk for becoming

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